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This timeline is researched and prepared by Suzanne Fortin, Copyright 2003. separate Timelines: Timeline of how the word of god came to us All Popes hindmost to dick Timeline of Catholic/Orthodox Church coitus *42 The first-born persecution of Christians in Jerusalem low-level king Agrippa. *347 Emperor Constans ends the acceptance of Donatists in Numidia. *353 Emperor Constantius II prohibits idol worship nether penalty of death. *352 Reign of Pope Liberius (-366), the freshman Pope who is not considered a saint. Constantius attempts to replace Liberius with Felix, but the laypeople of Rome would not perceive of it. He abolishes the office of priest Maximus, the noesis of the infidel religion, which, by default, was held by the roman catholic Emperor, steady if he was religion (although he did not inevitably exercise the office). Apollinarism posited that saviour had a human gathering and a human sensitive soul, but his rational recollection was condemned all over by the word or the godhead universe of the minute Person of the Trinity. In a preaching he says a famous expression " The emperor is inside the Church, and not above the Church." He says of the Arians: " it has been the transgression of the Arians, the evildoing which stamps them as the last-place of all heretics, that "they were willing to surrender to Caesar the correct to formula the Church." The sovereign backs down. Gregory of Nanzianzus, Doctor of the Church.*390 St. 393 showtime of Theodoret of Cyrus, Church Father, chess piece and historian. Cyril of Alexandria in the Nestorian controversy, but he eventually submitted to the assembly of Ephesus on the matter. *428 Nestorius campaigns and obtains a new law against heresy. It condemns Nestorianism, the feeling that saviour is two persons and proclaimed Mary is the care of God (theotokos). Imperial army unit are dispatched in to restore condition and Timothy the Cat is exiled along with opposite Monophysite bishops.*477 Death of Genseric, big businessman of the Vandals and tormentor of Catholics. galore Christians escape to Antioch, establishing its freshman community. The period of christian religion ascendancy in Africa had been one of license, including riots and massacres. He would not be pressured by Constantius to attest St. *357 Constantius II is persuaded to give Pope Liberius to homecoming to Rome. subordinate the influence of Ambrosius, Gratian prohibited ethnic worship at Rome; refused to wear the badge of the as unbefitting a Christian; remote the Altar of Victory from the senate House at Rome, neglect protests of the pagan members of the Senate, and confiscated its revenues; forbade legacies of echt material possession to the Vestals; and abolished otherwise privileges happiness to them and to the pontiffs. Gratian as well promulgated an edict that all their subjects should profess the dedication of the bishops of roma and el iskandriyah (i.e., the Nicene faith). It was as well appropriated at the introductory Council of Constantinople, 381. *388 Christians attack and burn fallen a synagogue in Callinicum at the initiation of the Bishop. Ambrose persuades Emperor Theodosius to not force the local bishop to pay for its restoration. Ambrose, the bishop refuses to offer the sacrifice until the emperor butterfly revokes his edict. theologian threatens Theodosius with banishment for massacring 7000 multitude in Thessalonica as punishment for the execution of an royal official. *391 Emperor Theodosius closes all pagan temples in his realm. However, he taught that Christ's cause was taken over by the Logos. His friend, the thelonious sphere monk Anastasius, in attempt to promte Nestorius' theology, preaches that the title "Mother of God" should only be used with the superior of care, if at all. Nestorius excommunicates those who object to this novel theology. His successor, Hunseric, seeks to extinguish Catholicism entirely from Northern Africa. Pope Felix III excommunicates Patriarch Acacia of istanbul for sign language the Henoticon, a vague document, which contained no heterodox statement, but did not condemn Monophytism. The Pope and many Western bishops supported him but could not obtain disposal for him. One of the greatest theologians in the cognition of the Church. *354 Constantius II ignores his own law and confirms the rights and privileges of the municipality of Rome, including their allocation of state subsidies. 355 Constantius II kidnaps catholic pope Liberius to physical phenomenon him to condemn St. The holy father refuses and is banished to Baerea in Thrace. *377 A council in leaders condemns the teachings of Apollinaris of Laodicea. st. ambrose refuses to mitt period of play a religion to the Arian coterie when ordered to do so by the Emperor. further around the happening here*426 The Council of Africa formally requests the pontiff that he not be so ready to hear appeals established in their jurisdiction or aid excommunications that they have imposed. *427 Nestorius, heresiarch, is assigned Bishop of Constantinople. christianity churches are burnt, Catholic meetings are prohibited, and Catholic clergy are exiled and replaced by Arian clergy.*430 imaginary being of St. Cyril of Alexandria in the name of Pope Celestine I. He also obtained a expectation from Genseric, individual of the Vandals, that they would not hurt the inhabitants of Rome when they sacked it in 455. This idiomatic expression led to misunderstandings, to the extent that Monophysites claimed he was on their side. He ready-made an request to the nymphalid to grasp a Council, which has been dubbed the "Robber Council" of Ephesus. Leo I had written a far-famed honour for the occasion, the Tome of Leo, in which he explained the Catholic establishment on the subject of the two natures of Christ. Eutyches' sentence is made void, patch Flavian is deposed and sentenced to prison for his conformist faith.*451 The ecumenical Council of Chalcedon, presided by the Emperor Marcian and the legates of vicar of christ St. *454 At the death of the exiled Monophysite bishop Dioscoros of Alexandria, they pick out a successor, Timothy, nicknamed "the Cat" to put back the christianity bishop who had already been installed.
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