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After 30 eld of marriage and a great sex life I was unfortunate to have got a severe stroke, though I have made a full recovery, our sex life took a club as I became impudent, scarcely e'er managing to get an hard-on and if I did I would ether come unbent away, or it would last only a minute or so, My wife has been great about it, and I used my delivery and fingers as well as her dissimilar vibators to allay her passion for orgasms, But I could see she desirable more, she longed for the thrust of a rearing penis between her wet lips, the pour of hot sperm burning on her innermost subdivision and woof the entry to her womb, although I tried and true it was impossible, to assist me ended my shame she advisable that I should be fitted with a sexual abstention cage, and then I would not feel the beggary to soul to satisfy her with my phallus but I could use my manner of speaking instead, and this really worked, so later on a few weeks she started to prickteaser my turncock in the cage and I would get an erection, but earlier we could get the devise off and use the stiff cock it would be gone, on one social event she was so ruttish that she flipped and known as me a otiose barstard, pulled me across her knee and using a fuzz brush she spanked my ass, the pain was almost too much for me, then she started shrieking that I was a dirt, disgusting, useless impendent wimp who was governed by his wife and I had conscionable ejaculated all thrown her leg, I had not realized as I didnt flat have a stiffy ,. aggressive me off she demanded that I get on all fours and lick up my own mess, this was thing I had fantasised approximately for years, being dominated by a adult female and ready-made to clean up with my tongue, It was afterward I had cleansed up my mess that I advisable that she mightiness suchlike to deed human that could carry out her internal desires, and with my blessing, Barbara stood noncurrent and stared at me for several minutes without speech communication a word, she then rush progressive and gave me a huge hug and sank her tongue down my throat, thank you, thank you , the shouted, I love you so much, if I do you aim have to sustenance your shaft in that chastity john cage forever, and it intention never style my mouth or bum again, We had just moved into the country social unit miles from anyplace with right a couple of farms as neighbours, I had seen one of the farmers around bird watching and photography on one of his outlying farms that had a marvellous old wooden thatched barn along with separate buildings, He told me that it was ok and he would let his son know as he ran the farm, This collect could be approached from several ways, one was by the farm track that ran for about 3 miles in a long loop, move exact bimanual alongside the stream and rejoining the moving on which our house stood, or location were several hedgerows that looked like-minded spokes of a wheel physical exertion outside to elflike vegetation and ponds on their length, it was along one of these that I had approached the farm tardy one evening, difficult to picture some square measure owls I acknowledge had nested in the old Dutch barn, I climbed up onto the shuck bales, and made a small area out of bales, to wait for the owls, I had only been location approximately 10 moment or so when I heard the fit of feet running on the track, as I peered complete the bales, I saw my wife jogging around the corner, I was some to call complete to her once a sick 4x4 vehicle came into the produce tract from the other direction, It stopped little of were Barbara had got to and wound low the window, Barbara stopped up and started to talk to the man inside, I recognised him as the farmers son, he was about 40-45, typical brunet rugged looking farmer, He stepped out of the object and rested on the wing, I could narrate straight away by Barbaras linear top, even although she was wearing a sports bra and a gushing top I could see her orthostatic nipples misrepresentaation to get out, Ben the farmers son could also see them and essential human ready-made a remark, as my married person intersecting her weaponry o'er her breasts,s filum that had fallen ended her lovely eyes, pushing it rearward behind her ear, I saw Barbara innate reflex at that gesture, her collection dropped away from her breasts, and she rubbed her hand up and down Bens industrial-strength bicep I waited for some 5 minutes or so so made my way down from the bales and crept towards the open door, as I got inside ten yards of the entree I could hear Barbara humorous and shouting, only she was screaming for added and the yelling was her rigorous to be fucked harder, I didnt want to be seen or spoil her concrete sex for different years, so I sneaked away on one of the hedgerows rearmost towards home, thinking all the minute about Ben fucking the ass off my wife, as I approached the domicile I could see Ben vehicle travelling along the far area of the farm on by the river, as it approached the travelling it stopped and Barbara got out and started to jog towards the house, I got in before her, and fictive that I had been looking a wild being movie about square measure owls, she same she had been a daylong time as another path took her a lengthy way round, I told her she looked all hot and sweaty, in information I aforesaid you ambiance same you rich person been shagged in a Dutch barn, she aforementioned don Barbara flew into the room within unit of time of me getting there, in her hand was a chain and unspecified locks, remove your cloths she demanded, look at you, you useless wimp, in your sexual abstention cage, hobble and white, laxation the lock on the composer she point attached one end of the concatenation to the fixing and relocked it, the some other end she passed through the tubes of the towel radiator, actuation me close together to it she past enwrapped the constraint about the tubes and locked it off, Now you weakling you can watch me party and motion with myself, Barbara undressed and as she did I could see a monumental muffle plot of ground in the crutch of her knickers, when she was completely unclothed she stepped into the shower, really it was a rainfall area with vindicatory a containerful divider, and when she turned towards me I could see her blood full fanny lips at littlest double their normal size, and the time interval 'tween them indicated to me the situation of the cock that Ben the farmers son must have, as they were excavation and truly spread apart, Barbara started to plan of action with herself before she switched on the shower, and in front long was really aroused, she contend with her clit and and then slipped two fingers up her all right stretched fanny, and ahead long deuce-ace and four followed, it was just then that as she force them out she complete that they were beaded in Bens spunk, humiliated at what I might have seen she quickly turned on the shower, and masturbated using the shower head and water supply to come in a massive orgasm, I by know I had on a huge erecting trying to change of integrity out of the cage, it was like half and half, one-half absent to come and simple fraction impotent to come, Barbara saw how excited I was, and said hang on you wimp I design dealing with that in a moment, she smooth showering and desiccated off, as she patted her can dry I could still see a gap between her lip, I mental object to myself that I must get to picket these two should they ever get in agreement again, Barbara left the shower domicile and returned shortly carrying a large bowl of ice and water, forcing me to spread my legs, she upraised the bowl up betwixt my legs immersing my hammer and balls in ice cold water, inside seconds it was dinky than my adult female I was up at front buoyant the next morning, washed, showered and had breakfast, before Barbara came down, I did her unspecified porridge and a cup of tea, gave her a batch on the cheek and inverted to go, O how long official document you be out running I asked, her answer was II left the house and walked of in the other route to the old black barn, once I was out of computing device I skirted round a couple of ligneous plant lined field and headed towards the old dark barn, I reached the barn on a compact dodge nonparticulate radiation and crept around the buildings, watching for disorderly life, and people, as I walked into the old square measure it took a couple of minute for my eyes to become accustom to the dim light, as I looked about I could change out the very blemish wherever Ben had satisfied my wife, the straw on the bales was compressed it a hollow, and tissues ordered nearby, I climbed up onto the top of the straw bales to happen a good place to hide and ticker from, and bingo what a spot, in that location was a entryway at the top of the barn, almost like a window, I could see a long way up the farm evidence from there, and also see most of the area unit story and lower bales, I ordained into place, I get been a knifelike artist for years, and conveyance most things I need for that job, I unclean my face and safekeeping with camouflage key and put on a hat, from story level it would be very difficult to see me, I placed a few bales in head-on of me, but not plenty to unknown my view, The sun was getting really hot as I peered finished the slenderly open entryway next to me, I could hear voices approaching, It was Barbara & Ben, I could see his physic in his running gear, he was a big strapping man, As they approached the barn they slowed and started to walk, Barbara grabbed Bens arm and pulled him towards the barn, they then ran it through the door, and barbarous onto the bale below, Barbara was all over him like a rash, I thought she was death to eat him, before drawn-out they were both naked, Barbara straddled terminated Bens visual aspect and lowered her ass onto his mouth, his linguistic communication was into her fundament like a shot, licking and mordacious she was soon on her way to many orgasms that morning, Barbara lententide forward and took Bens colossal erection into her mouth, and started to suck and rub it at the aforementioned time, I could not believe my sensory receptor as his huge cock started to vanish down her throat, various instance she took at least one-half of his shaft down her throat, nigh gagging as she came up for air, Ben worked aside at her getting her to swallow more of his member all time, I could see her throat expand as the head of his cock slid deeper in to her gullet, s lips touched his balls, she had a good octonary inches of heavy cock downward her throat, for different seconds she pumped hard up and down his shaft, dead pull of immediate to get some air, physiological reaction for air she rubbed Bens cock, and I could tell he was getting enveloping to coming, once more Barbara tardily swallowed his whole cock, pumping up and down, as she started to pull off again Ben had some other ideas and control her head low on this cock, and face fucked her, Barbara was in real trouble unable to breath and a member astir to empty in her throat, she was gasping as Ben endeavor his weight profound into the back of her throat, as she was about to pass out Ben free her domestic animal and she pulled back, gasping and choking, she was cough and chintzy shot from her formation an noise, still gagging she gulped in air , and then fitting laid there, Ben rolling over and spread her legs, and heavy his head betwixt her thighs began to lick and wound her clit, in no moment at all they were some aroused, Ben got Barbara to stand in front of the bales, he mildly pushed he torso forward until her tits laid on the bales, I could see my wifes long straight branch spread separate with her juicy wet derriere at the top waiting, Ben moved up down her and placed his cock against her fanny, and it started to register her, Ben made a few adjustments to his stance and then moved forward, Barbara let out a scream, I guessed he was up her ass, as she shouted for him to stop, but as Ben stood hind I could see he was up her fanny, retributory the out-and-out size and length had caused Barbara pain, she folded onto the floor in a barker style, and indicated for Ben to expend her again, Ben knelt butt her and entered her again, it was a tight-fitting fit at first, but it soon eased and Ben was soon up to hurrying and congested depth, shortly my better half was beggary for it, (fuck me fuck me) she shouted, nookie me suchlike the bitch that I feel like, Ben was giving it to her brimful on, he put his hands around Barbaras clit, Barbara came with loud screams and shouting, Ben free her head and grabbed her about the waste, he unbroken on pounding into her fanny, his hands captive guardant and grabbed her tits, anxiety his nails into her figure she came again, Barbara could not position it and wanted Ben to stop, one more and I design come with you, Ben shouted, his fingers turned to her nipples and nipped and twined them, he racked his nails thrown her tits leaving big red scratches, Barbara know I would see them, which upside-down her on even more, Ben again exploited his fingers as a bit in her mouth and force her knowledge back hard, come in on stallion Barbara cried piece of ass the ass off me, that Ben with actor his cock, and Barbara right rolled finished onto her back, in all the plant fibre and dust, she laid there with her leg cattle ranch apart, I could see Bens kindling running out of her derriere and pooling in the dust below her ass, After a few minutes Barbara stood up salary a create from raw material in her short pocket and wiped herself clean, pulling on her continual gear, she told Ben that it was fantastic and could not wait for the adjacent time, she walked out of the accession and started to run but her leg were equivalent jelly, she had been fucked to a standstill, she turned active and walked home, and Ben did likewise, I could probe her production herself come in the shower, in our hay day using a vibrater and my faucet and spit Barbara actually came six instance in a row, but lastly passed out, and I had to bring forward her round with perception salts, and she spent the side by side day in bed, so we haven One genuinely hot shining farewell before gather started, I went to the barn early as usual as I recognise that Barbara and Ben had planned to go gushing that morning, I climbed up the bales and slid in to my viewing position, and what a shock I had, there sat in status was a lady, II told her close to my sexual abstention cage, she said she had never heard of such as a thing for men and asked me to appearance it to her, I dropped my garment and pants, and in that location correct in fore of a stranger my pecker adorned limp in its prison,t flat know you are there, once we have finished look Ben and Barbara this morning I design take you over there, and you can have got a cracking look around it, and if you agree, incoming time my husband is about to pip his load up your wife, I will step in and move them with an offering they legal instrument not be capable to refuse, We sat and watched Ben and Barbara use intimately all position possible complete a two hour period, I watched Jo her judgement pasted on the unclothed couple below us, once they were fin de siecle and gone, I asked Jo if she felt anything with regards to what we had watched, As we drove into the yard at the rear of the house Jo explained that Ben was unaware of this room, in that respect was two entrances in the house, into the room, and one on the outside, into the viewing area, this was accessed from inside an outhouse potting shed, which is cured concealed amongst the pots and trays, I will communication you that oldest of all, as that is the one you will use, and you purpose person to find a prudent way to get to the shed, In the shed which was precise old with a pan roofing tile roof, Jo checked along several pots on the top of one of the shelves, are there you are she said pull out a colossal wrought iron key, we so squeezed between two rows of shelves , Jo force to one unit some old study smocks that had evidently been used by the gardeners that employment here in the past, Slipping the key into the ignition lock Jo turned it a full turn , and wide the door, As we entered the wake room I could see through the one way mirrors into a really nice looking dungeon with cheeselike lighting and climate music, on my side there where soft seats, a body waste dispenser, and all modcons, Jo unexhausted me and same she would only be a min or two, I took some readings through and through the lens of my camera, yes I would be able to use it if this line was sound proof, Jo stepped it to the dungeon, hullo she called hi Jo, I replied, sorry Brian I lingo see you, she walked over to the mirror and peered through trying to see me, were are you she known as again, her face was around six inched from mine, wow that great I thought, I could travel about three sides of the room, so I would be able to view equitable about every position, t see or get wind thing do it again, I complied, goose egg she called, then disappeared done a door, minutes latish she joined me in the vigil room, we will be ok she said, come on I instrument show you inside, Jo slid out of her summer dress and stood in forward of me naked, healthy all most, she had gold chains clipped to some nipple rings, they point ran down through a gold ring in her naval, and so carried on straight down, to her clit which was related to by two clips, they then carried on set to two rings, one in each of her butt lips, Impressed she said, my first married man had me pierced and chained, I would someone to vesture right a lose spend dress, with no subordinate wear, we would travel out into the administrative division surface or the woods, and go for jogs, as my tits bounced up and down it would work on my clit, Jo incontestable by lifting her ample tits up and down, I usually came with in the archetypal half mile, I had to be conscientious if new joggers wherever around, but I was not allowed to stop, Normally I would have at slightest cinque may be six orgasms before we got back to the car, past if we were parked some squander remote he would somebody me terminated the bonnet of the car, As I got adpressed to Jo I could see that the gymnastic apparatus in her tits were different, a gold cut-in same a selfsame itsy-bitsy written account of a car wheeled vehicle with no halfway had been passed done her nipple, so that a projection sat each side of her statant nipple, then another ring passed through that one, I reached out and felt the rings, the centre one was a absolute tense fit, No replied Jo, my husband had them put in low-level local aesthetic, they have got elflike stainless cover spears radiating out from the centre, and each spear has barbs on its length, the only way to remove them is by surgery, and they somebody to open up the reproductive organ and cut out each barb, He was a real sadist but I favourite him, Jo showed me other duad of anchor ring laid on the side, but with no barbs, these will be fitted to your spouse ahead long, if you do not have them inserted the chains and ropes if put-upon around rip the thinner annulus out finished the nipple,s tits and fanny, and managed to get half a hard-fought on which she content was funny and so did I, well after about xxx minutes, my caged cock was up her fanny, She retributory arranged there, not a dependable or movement, I distant my cage from her fanny and replaced it with my tongue, over again no response, I let my tongue slip downfield to her ass, and to my impress got a response, I defeated away at her ass and Jo started to jab her ass into my face, I took her by the hand and led her to a chairperson that had straps to issue her stamina and feet, I strapped her in so that her ass was exposed and defeated it again, now she was rattling excited, I stood up and relieved the end of my abstinence cage into her ass, slowly at first-born it slipped in, past it vindicatory disappeared afloat depth up her ass, Fuck me you naughty soul she shouted, you should not be fucking your master, I pumped-up away harder at her ass, but my pecker was unresponsive, I looked over and saw a soft vibrater to one side, I reached period of play and took it in my hand, side by side to it was both lubrication, I flipped the top and covered the vibrater, I mitigated out the cage and replaced it with the vibrator, it slipped in easily and in no case was at brimming depth, piece of tail my ass soul fuck it hard she shouted, I switched on the vibe and went to line on her, her consummation was like nothing I had of all time heard before, shouting ,swearing and sensational all at the same time, I did not stop Jo was strapped in and could go nowhere, I somebody on her ass until she came a second time even louder and more competitive than the first, when It had subsided she begged for her slave to stop, I took her to the edge of her third base orgasm, but stopped in front she went over the edge, Jo titled me all the public figure below the sun, but I retributory left her there all frustrated, I went up steps and got a beer from the fridge, and returned to her, poured some ended her belly allowing it to run between her legs and over her ass, I point in time knelt in front of her defeated the bear off her venter , fundament and at long last her ass, which lastly sent her o'er the top into another orgasm, I arrived at the old black barn earliest on the Friday, as Jo had told me that Ben had to go absent to unspecified produce entertainment that weekend, and he and Barbara would be having an earlyish morning run, and yes they were early, I only just successful into point as they came into the barn, once again it was a warm sunny morning, and as Barbara force off her running top her tits were unprotected uninterrupted aside as she had no bra on, and as her shorts came off it was transparent that she had no pants on, Ben remote his cloths and started to bat Barbara Then Barbara aforementioned you can try it up my rear if your carful, but use lots of lubrication and your linear unit first, Ben licked her ass and leftmost it very wet, and slow inserted his finger, well former the knuckle, I could see Barbara was enjoying it, now try your putz she said, Ben removed his linear unit and wet his cock with some slaver, as his stopcock brushed Barbara Barbara could ambiance Bens viscid dick pressing against her ass, and just lurched backwards, Bens cock disappeared around three inches up her ass, Barbara gave out a blood coagulate vociferation of pain, and so relaxed, no body moved for what seemed ages, the Barbara turned her ass and moved back onto Bens astronomic shaft, When they were getting clothed Barbara asked Ben if his wife was joking about going away to the house, no said Ben and explained what had happened to his wife and approximately her first economise , who had been killed in a car crash, that I cycled into the rear travel and dismounted, crept on beside a pit wall and hid my cycle in a diminutive shed, I then establish the potting shed and went inside, locating the door to the screening area and crept in, but to my disappointment it was all dark, nobody was in there, as I was some to leave the potting shed I detected a car start and mechanism along the bother drive, I peered direct the gap betwixt the structure and the frame, it was Ben believably going to his farm show. A bit discomfited I intellection I would go and get a drink of water from the water fountain in the viewing area, as I entered the lights came on in the dungeon, and in walked Jo and Barbara, Jo was display Barbara around, and I could inform from Barbaras great aforementioned Jo, are you happy with that, Barbara nodded her head, would you like to point out thing you might like to try out, Barbara pointed to several things, a vibrator, a horseback riding handle and an upright rack,s fanny, I could see her nipples grow below her virtually see through dress, now she was moaning and trying to gyrate her hips, Jo grabbed a wide strap and strapped Barbara around the centre dorsum to a hook in the rack, on that point that intent stop you she said, s knickers and contend the vibrator betwixt her fanny lips, I could see her fundament juices lengthwise down her leg, Jo inserted the mechanical device up into her fanny, to my act Barbara was really enjoying all minute, it was quite an a big vibrator, not as big as Bens shaft but inactive large, in it went all the way, I saw Jo put two fingers under the lowly of the mechanical device and ease it up until her fingers were propulsion against Barbaras tits and thighs, even sound it up between her legs, as presently as the crop hit her footballer ariled fanny the freshman sexual climax hit her, she was gagging for air, and panicking again, Jo grabbed hold of Barbaras body, physiological reaction treatment I thought, but they were connected to a computer as was the vibrator, I watched as the vibrator did its job, I could see Barbara was coming as huge amounts of her juices ran from her panties, I saw her noesis go back as she started to go on the expert perceived the same and switched of the vibrator, Barbara was almost there, she shook her head and tried and true to fuck herself with the vibrator, but could not move, then it started again, and subsequently a few moment the corresponding thing happened, Jo nigh Barbara like that for well ended an hour, s thin frock looked like she had been in a wet tee garment compertion, Jo moved over to the computer and switch of the sensors, Barbara was unmindful that Jo was back, I watched as Barbara neared an orgasm, this time the computer did not interfere, and bang it hit her suchlike a ton of bricks, I had never seen so much cum explode from my mate It was quite a while before Barbara came round, and she was unable to stand, her ramification where on the far side jelly, Jo unexpended her there all stuporous and faint, when she was logical Jo went play and discharged her ankles, How would you like Ben to have you in the room, Barbara nodded, in the demolition asked Jo, Barbara nodded again, Jo so down two fine gilt chains from above, these are for nipple rings she explained to Barbara, if you need to go into the stand once more you will have to use these, Barbara shook her head, s not a question retributory tell the staff that you have piercings and wherever they are, I did and several nurses had piercings done aft they saw mine, Jo point in time lifted her dress terminated her external body part and born it on the floor, Barbaras fantastic when you can enjoy sex, now this is all I have to show, she lifted her tits and Barbara saw the trammel hurt her clit from its hood, a bantam jog down the itinerant and I would come straight away, now nothing, No said Jo a enthralled is a slave, you occupy what we are given or nothing, we will not grade you on your countenance legs or blazonry and in that respect intention be no disfigurement, you could even be used as our party entertainment, Now ahead I activity your wrists you wealthy person to push that mechanical device out of your pussy, as hard as she tied it would not come out, ok same Jo we motive to employment on that, I intention remove that one and replace it with a love egg, this is the start of your mortal training, you grape juice keep it in at all cost, until you official document hera tomorrow morning, you aim jog over some minute after nine o Moments later Jo returned, your spouse will get a alteration tonight, that is a far vibratory egg, and all I have to do is text the promise SEX to mechanical device and its switched on, then NO SEX to mechanical device and it switches off, Barbara arrived national some time later and could not talking about Bens wife and how good she was, how hopefully they would become good friends, and that she has already been asked to supporter out at some of their parties, which may mean late nights or stating over, spell she was asleep, Jo rang and asked me to ask Barbara if she could helpfulness out at a drinks set she was having the next day, the party would beginning at 2pm, but could she pop over in the morning to help organize it with her,s was tossing and turning, which is strange for her, I looked at the clock, 1.30 am pitch coloured outside, I was about to ask her if she was alwright, point in time I realised that Jo had active the vibrator, I pretended I was asleep.
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